Spanish Lessons in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Spanish Lessons in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

¿Looking for Spanish Lessons in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica?

¡Hola amig@s!  I am Os.  I teach Spanish Lessons in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica;

in my Classroom, at your Location or through Skype…

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I have been teaching español for more than 2000 days.  I am a Spanish as a second language Teacher graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica.  As a Spanish Tutor and Teacher I put a lot of patience and effort into my lessons & classes.  You can count on me for the best Spanish Lessons in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica and/or Classes Online.

I have an engaging classroom in my casa where I give lessons and classes to my clientes and amigos, but sometimes I go to their casas or to the hoteles where they are staying…

  • More than 5 years of Experience.
  • Fully Trained and Certified Spanish Tutor.
  • First FREE Spanish Trial Lesson always offered.
  • Classes at your location, at the beach, in my home classroom or through SKYPE.
  • Field Trips and Cultural Activities along/with the lessons.
  • Use of Sign Language to trigger the Learning Process.
  • Use of FUN & EFFECTIVE Learning Methods.
  • ALL materials and Text Books are provided.
  • No Boring, Fake, Senseless Dialogues.
  • Cultural and Travelling Spanish Programs.  Weekly or Monthly.
  • Immersion Programs and Packages with lodging included upon request.
  • Medical Spanish Programs for Nurses, Doctors or Physical Therapists.
  • Discounts to Groups and Families when contact me directly.

I also learn languages myself.  I am trying to learn Mandarin-Chinese and practice American Sign Language every week.  That’s one of the reasons why I understand the importance of having great chemistry with your teacher or tutor.  I understand how difficult learning Spanish (or any other language) can be and how hard you need to work for it…

Therefore, WE have do it EFFECTIVELY.  I am gonna tell you what to do and why to do it. I am gonna show you how to do it and (the Most important), I am going to do it with you until you show me you can do it on your own.  Then you will be ready.

¿Ready for what?  ¡Ready to communicate with other people! That’s what language is all about in the end, ¿don’t you think?  The need and the pleasure of communicating with other human beings and getting your point across is an amazing gift!  I know we take that for granted all the time but it’s not, my friend, it is not.

There is plenty of native Spanish speakers; people (millions) out there who do not speak English and they are NOT having a pleasant time not understanding you, it is NOT a nice feeling when people talk around you, next to you; and you’re clueless.

If you don’t try to use your Spanish skills and level (any level is enough if you try) to talk Spanish with them here in Manuel Antonio, or in Quepos, or wherever you are (even at home with your Spanish learner partner), you are missing an amazing part of this life.  It’s so cool the first few times you use your target language to get your point across and the other person understands you and responds and you understand it too…  That’s cool guys, it’s a rewarding feeling.

I can help you improve your level of Spanish, whatever it is; showing you how to get fluency in the level of Spanish that you have.  It’s not magic, it’s hard work, but, effectively done, it will save you a lot of time, money and effort.


“I  would  love  to  share  the  passion  I  have  of  teaching  with  you…
I  will  guide  you  through  a  great  learning  experience!”



Watch the video and Learn Spanish

using Sign Language in 6 minutos.


You Better Use your Hands to Learn Faster!


Watch the video and Learn Spanish

playing BINGO in 1 minuto.

You Better Use full Sentences to Learn Faster!

You Better Use full Sentences to Learn Faster!