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Testimonials from my Spanish Students


Os, Eli, Nicki“I came to Costa Rica in January 2016 on my own and I wanted to start learning Spanish as soon as I arrived, so I decided to take the Immersion Program with Os. I was arriving into San Jose on my own, so Os went above and beyond and came and met me there to help me to get to Manuel Antonio, we became friends instantly. I immediately felt comfortable with Os. I lived at Os and Eli’s (his lovely girlfriend, now wife!) house for a week. In their home I felt very welcome as soon as I arrived, it was like I was part of their little family. They made sure I had everything I needed, cooked fantastic meals, took me out to restaurants and showed me around town, while speaking to me in Spanish of course. Os’s style of teaching was fantastic, unique and very effective. He loves to teach and it shows. He is passionate about life and learning and it was a pleasure to have met him and Eli, I know I now have some lifelong friends. I highly recommend Os as a Spanish teacher!”    NICKI from NEW ZEALAND.


SpanishTestimonial2“We recently spent two weeks in Costa Rica with family, and we were so lucky to have Os along the way.  He catered to every way possible to learn the language including simple household items, restaurant lingo, walks around the town and beach, and everywhere in between.  His special teaching incorporating sign language was also a definite plus.  It is a great way to use all parts of your body to learn the language and actually have it stick.  He was helping to teach Spanish to our almost two year old daughter also, and she is keeping up with it today!  We absolutely recommend Os to anyone who wants to learn Spanish on a regular basis, whether it be through Skype or in person.  He can teach you while you are at home, wherever that may be!”     BRANDON, CHELLA & BRIDTA from COLORADO.


KidsandOs - Copy“We so enjoyed having you visit our rental home to teach Spanish during our vacation! As you know, the kids adored you, and they learned a lot of Spanish as well! Your method of teaching Spanish with sign language really helped the children remember what you taught them! I would heartily recommend for anyone visiting Manuel Antonio with kids to enrich their experience with your great hands-on Spanish lessons! Upon arriving at my grandkid’s home for Christmas, I was greeted by: “Hola; Sí; Feliz Navidad”, and of course “Buenos nachos” later in the evening! 🙂 Thank you for expanding their universe!”     FAMILIA JACKSON from MINNESOTA.


SpanishTestimonial66“I started taking lessons with Os after I had already been in Costa Rica for about 2 months. Having known a little bit of Spanish before I got here, I thought I could progress on my own. Boy was I wrong. I was too intimidated to talk to anyone except in the most dire of circumstances and my grammar was virtually nonexistent. Os has been great in tailoring classes to my needs and I can now make myself understood and I talk to anyone without feeling silly. Os is extremely patient, very professional, super fun and just really an awesome teacher.  I look forward to the lessons to come. Thank you soooo much!”     BETTINA from GERMAN.


SpanishTestimonial8Os’ Spanish lessons were the perfect format for my son! He has been taking classes on line with Os for almost a year starting at age 11.  Os makes it fun and conversational while teaching the fundamentals.  My son will be well prepared for 8th grade Spanish in 2 years and will hopefully be able to be fluent when he is an adult – a great skill in Southern California.”    TRACEY from CALIFORNIA.


SpanishTestimonial6“Os is an awesome, laid-back and fun Spanish teacher! We were both beginners when we came to Os and after 6 weeks of lessons our Spanish had improved a lot and we were much more confident with our speaking.  If you’re in the Manuel Antonio area, we totally recommend Os!”     CHARLIE & LUKE from U.K.


SpanishTestimonial9999“I have been Os’ student for around a year now.  My skills in Spanish have gone from none, to being able to speak in present tense fluently and some past tense.  I have also learned the basic conjugation of verbs, punctuation, and pronunciation of the language.  Os will keep the lessons fun and productive with a mild amount of homework to extend your vocabulary.  I would definitely recommend Os as the first step to becoming fluent in Spanish.”    KODY from CALIFORNIA.


SpanishTestimonial128“During the months of July 2014 and December 2014 my children, ages 9 and 11, had an amazing experience learning Spanish with Os!! My kids constantly talk about returning to Costa Rica to see Os and learn more Spanish with him! !  He is professional, trustworthy, friendly, and an amazing teacher.  Our time spent in Costa Rica in the future will always include Spanish lessons with Os! !”    CHRISTINA from CALIFORNIA.


SpanishTestimonial5“Os, Thank you for being a great teacher and a friend. You made our time special.  Gracias por enseñarnos …LOVE”    OLIVIA, GRAHAM, HUDSON & ETHAN…



jetstones“Our family frequents the Manuel Antonio area and we were put in touch with Os for Spanish lessons for our two sons (ages 5 and 7).  Os is a fun and effective teacher. He made each lesson into a game and the kids had a blast. It was amazing to see them start to pick up the language after the first lesson. I sat in on one of the lessons and was surprised to learn a good deal myself. I would recommend Os for Spanish instruction whether you are an adult or kid.”    FAMILY from U.S.A.


jetstones…We took the classroom on the road, learning all along the way as we went to the market to shop, went to restaurants to eat, went to a waterfall for a swim and even went to a local soccer game one evening followed by frozen yogurt. He was a master of his classroom, his town and the surrounding area.  We felt comfortable with him wherever we went. In the classroom, Os used visual aids and had specific learning techniques that required that you be involved. He made games with many of the lessons and when the kids got overloaded with a lesson, he would take a break and play a game with them.  They did not even recognize that they were still learning.  The kids just thought it was fun.   At the end of the week, we asked the kids what they liked the most about our trip to Costa Rica. We were amazed that “Spanish Lessons” was on the top of their list. We would recommend this for any family that has a desire to learn Spanish while having fun. Gracias Os! The lessons were Muy Bien!”     FAMILY from OHIO.

Testimonials from my Massage Clients


MassageTestimonial4“Os, I wanted to drop you a note of gratitude.  I greatly appreciate the massage…  absolute perfection!  We travel to Costa Rica often and it is wonderful knowing we can have the best massage in Manuel Antonio on each visit with you.  We have tried other masseurs but non can compare to the attention and specialized techniques that you practice.  We look forward to our next visit to Costa Rica and to our next massage with you.”    BURT & TIM from PHOENIX.


MassageTestimonial333“I am a Canadian, resident of Costa Rica for seven years, and only found out about Os a few months ago. I have been a regular client ever since, and he is certainly in the top class of professionals from whom I have had therapeutic massages anywhere in the world. Os gives a great deep massage and (in addition to doing a full body, general massage) focuses a lot of time and pressure on areas needing loosening up.  His studio is pleasant and relaxing, though his massage can be very demanding (not feel good, candles stuff) because he works so hard in places that need it.  In addition, he is a very generous and kind person, with a good sense of humor.  I have sent several friends and relatives to him. Highly recommended, and reasonably priced!”     CAROL from OTTAWA.


MassageTestimonial2“I travel a lot and spend lot of my time sitting in front of my computer. Each time I relocate I’m seeking for some physiotherapists to free up my back and other muscles. Os was around the right time so I gave it a try. He carefully going through the whole body, making sure every part is properly done. Few minutes of the first session was enough to turn me into a regular client. Best I ever had in Manuel Antonio.”     TIBOR from NEW YORK.


MassageTestimonial7“Os was the massage therapist / physical therapist that I found while on vacation last April in Manuel Antonio.  I was quite pleased with his expertise.  I had a few issues with my left hip, among other things.  He treated me twice and made me feel much better.  Renewed if you will. He was so kind. He listened to all my concerns and went to work.  He was a revelation. We talked about past injuries and new issues which can come back to haunt you in middle-age into older age. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for top-notch care.  He also taught a great class, mostly in sign language, in Spanish language.  It was fun and helped us to learn more Spanish. Great guy, great work, great price.  Contact him if any of this speaks to you.”     PATRICK from NEW YORK.


MassageTestimonial1“Sheila and I were guests at the Jungle Creek while Os was managing the villas. He and Eli gave Sheila and me the perfect massage after a day of hiking in Manuel Antonio National Park. The hour long massage lasted about 70 minutes but seemed like it was over in no time at all. Highly recommended.”    SHEILA & ED from ישראל.


MassageTestimonial5I got two massages from Os while I was in Manuel Antonio, both times he came to our hotel room.  The first was soon after we arrived, he was great at working out the travel tension I had built up during our long flight to Costa Rica.  I enjoyed it so much and felt so relaxed that I had him come back a few days later.  I highly recommend himhe’s got a great touch and is a really personable guy who is easy to talk with.”    AARON from SEATTLE.


MassageTestimonial111“I was in a bad accident one year ago, and since then I have had terrible tension, as well as excruciating pain, in my back and neck. I went to Os for a deep tissue massage and would definitely recommend him to others. He was able to alleviate some of the discomfort I had previously been experiencing. Os is very approachable and makes sure he’s working at YOUR comfort level. He is extremely professional and you can tell right away that he knows what he’s doing. I found his rates to be very reasonable compared to other massage therapists in the area. Thanks again Os for the wonderful massage!”     SHANNON from MONTREAL.


z sea food & grill“We engaged the services of Os for a team building exercise for all of our restaurant staff at the Discovery House.  Os was very professional, confirming dates and times, was flexible in some changes needed and performed his services of massage therapy throughout the day without falter and with smiles on all the staff’s faces.  Thank you Os for the great massages and your professionalism; they were both equally appreciated.”    DEAN from Z SEAFOOD & GRILL.


garfield“We booked Os for a half-day off massages for a group staying in a luxury house.  He was an excellent communicator (by phone and by text) and arrived promptly as scheduled.  He set up his professional table in one of the rooms and brought the linens we’d need.  He did several massages for the group and everyone was very pleased with their treatment. Os is a super nice guy, easy going and very professional. I would defiantly book him again next time we are in town!”     MICHAEL & FRIENDS from CALIFORNIA.


d“I highly recommend Os. He was highly professional, timely, and above all, an excellent masseur. He asked appropriate questions and listened to my needs prior to beginning. He set up in my hotel room, and I felt totally comfortable the entire time. If I am ever so fortunate to return to Manuel Antonio, I will certainly reach out to him again.”     PAYAM from CALIFORNIA.


mario and luigiMy partner and I each got massages from Os on our trip to Manuel Antonio.  We found him to be kind and professional, and the massage was very good.  He has the kind of intuitive touch that only comes from someone that enjoys doing massage.  After a morning of ziplining, a massage was just what we needed, and we both felt great afterwards.”     COLIN & MARK from CALIFORNIA.